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Lie Detector Investigations provide Polygraph Tests for infidelity and relationship issues. If you believe or feel you are being lied to, or are you suspicious of a change in your spouses behaviour? Has your spouse been unfaithful in the past and you are concerned these past behaviours are recurrent? Whatever your fears of concerns may be, Polygraph Tests can help you uncover the truth.

As well as covering issues such as infidelity and relationship issues, we are trained to conduct tests for a variety of situations. Whether there has been a theft within the family home or are there malicious and false allegations circulating and you wish to clear your name or prove your innocence. Whatever the case may be, we can provide you with an effective and efficient resolution to situations which are causing you upset and distress.

Our qualified Polygraph Examiners are friendly, discreet and are sympathetic to our clients needs and the sensitivity of the topics covered. You can rest assured that your case will be treated in a completely confidential matter.  At Lie Detector Investigations we do not restrict or limit the time spent with our clients, we work at our client’s pace and not our own.

Are you suspicious of your partner, feel your being lied to or has your partner been unfaithful in the past and you want to find out if there has been further infidelities? A Lie Detector Test can be administered to help you uncover the truth and help build back the trust in your relationship.

Has someone spread rumors about you which are false and malicious in nature. Are these allegations effecting your personal life or have extended to your place of work, then we can help clear your name.

Are you a victim of theft and want to identify the culprit, or is a theft tearing your family apart or have you been accused of stealing from your place of work? Lie Detector Investigations can help uncover the truth.

Is there a particular person causing unrest within your family which are causing relationships to fracture, do you feel a Polygraph Test can bring your family back together, then look no further, we can help.


As well as using Polygraph Tests in a private setting, Polygraph Tests can also be used in a corporate setting. If you are concerned with putting your business at risk by potentially hiring a prospective employee who could be dishonest, undesirable or has a past record of company theft. A Lie Detector Test can be used to determine the integrity, honesty and desirability of an applicant, before you make the decision to employ that person.

Internal company thefts can be financially damaging to companies as well as breaches in security, but the culprits can often be hard to identify. Whether you have experienced a company theft or breach in security and want to identify the culprit or if you want to ensure you have the most hard working and honest individuals working for you, to prevent a lapse in security or theft before it happens. Polygraph Tests can be administered to alleviate any concerns you may have in regards to who you have working for you.

Our qualified Polygraph Examiners are professional, discreet and are experienced in working within a corporate setting. Lie Detector Investigations can guarantee your privacy and confidentially and can provide you with a tailored and bespoke service, depending on your business needs.

Would you put your business at risk and potentially hire an undesirable and untrustworthy employee?. Before making the decision to hire an applicant, a Polygraph Test can be administered to determine the integrity of an employee, potentially providing your company with significant savings on the costly process of hiring & firing.

Have you experienced a company theft where merchandise or money has gone missing? Don’t know who the culprit is and have concerns of the thief striking again? A Lie Detector Test is a cost effective and efficient resolution in assisting your company in identifying the culprit.

If you are experiencing employee unrest or have an employee making allegations against another employee and don’t know how to get to the bottom of it, Lie Detector Investigations can assist you with your companies investigation process, reducing the financial strains and time spent, allowing these savings to be put back into your business.


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