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A private lie detector test is a tool increasingly used to help those who are seeking the truth, uncover the truth. It is normal for relationships to hit a rocky patch or a bump in the road at some point, but how do you turn it around?

Do you have a “niggling” feeling, is there a change in your partner’s behaviour or do you have a gut feeling your partner has cheated?

Perhaps you have been accused of stealing something from the family home or you suspect someone has stolen from you?

Have you been accused of something you did not do and want to clear your name?

Are these allegations threating to end your career or is your reputation at stake?

Whatever the case may be, a private lie detector test is an efficient and effective tool in uncovering the truth, enabling you to make clear and informed decisions going forward.

Here at Lie Detector Investigations we are friendly, discreet and are sympathetic to our client’s needs. Our client’s cases are treated in a highly confidential manner and we do not restrict or limit the time spent with our clients. Working at our client’s pace and not our own.

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Relationships can be hard at times, especially if you have concerns you partner is cheating. Have you become suspicious about their recent behavior? Are there rumours circulating of your partner cheating with an ex? If you have found yourself facing these questions and need to find out the answers, then we can help. A Lie Detector Test can help you uncover the truth.

False allegations can be especially damaging to a person’s life, career and reputation and can come in different forms. Allegations can include infidelity, theft, fraudulent activity and even rape. Most often of not allegations are not backed up by any evidence, it’s just the accusation alone that is enough to carry detrimental consequences for someone. So if you need to clear your name and squash an allegation made about you, we can help you do just that.

When someone steals from you, it can be difficult to identify the culprit, especially if there’s no hard evidence. A theft does not always involve money or an item of monetary value, it can be an item which is sentimental or irreplaceable. A stranger is not always the one who is responsible, more often or not thefts are committed by someone known to you or a family member. Through our private services, we can assist you with identifying who is responsible.